A Record of Results – Community Engagement

I believe that action speaks louder than words.  Want to know what someone stands for?  Look at their record of results.  In my nine years on Passaic County’s governing body, I have demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility, economic development, and standing up for the vulnerable, and for the American values of inclusion and opportunity.

Community Engagement

I have made sure that government served the needs of an increasingly diverse community, including by:

  • Spearheading the County’s 2020 Census outreach, working with community allies on multi-lingual outreach that achieved a 30-year high self-reporting rate despite the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Connecting our County Surrogate, the judge who handles guardianship matters, with parents of adults with disabilities to talk about how to make sure they have the resources and care they need when parents can no longer provide care.
  • Opening the Passaic County Technical Institute’s indoor pool to children with autism-spectrum disorders so they can learn water safety and train for Special Olympics.
  • Having information on county aid to working families translated to Arabic, Bengali and Spanish, and pedestrian safety information released in Gujarati, so that immigrant communities can access the services and information they need without language being a barrier.
  • Bringing Passaic County’s senior services, human services, and economic development staff out into the community for in-person and virtual information sessions and workshops.
  • Partnering with our State and Federal representatives, the judiciary, and community organizations to make sure COVID19 relief gets to all the families and businesses that need it.
  • Recruiting a diverse group of new members for Passaic County’s volunteer boards and commissions, so we can benefit from many communities’ perspectives on key issues and county services.
  • Using social media like Twitter and Facebook to engage and notify constituents about county programs, available social services, and emergency issues like road closures.

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