A Record of Results – Standing up for American Values

I believe that action speaks louder than words.  Want to know what someone stands for?  Look at their record of results.  In my nine years on Passaic County’s governing body, I have demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility, economic development, and standing up for the vulnerable (particularly children with disabilities) and for the American values of inclusion and opportunity.

Standing up for American Values John Bartlett for Congress - American Values

  • I am proud to have spoken out and organized my colleagues to stand up against threats, violence, and rhetoric against religious minorities and refugees, including rebuking President Donald Trump’s unconstitutional travel ban and Gov. Chris Christie’s rejection of Syrian refugee children. When refugee families were settled in Passaic County, I worked with local congregations, nonprofit organizations, and my colleagues to provide winter clothing, housewares, and toys for them; more than 100 children and their parents received the things they needed for their first winter in the U.S.
  • I am a long-time ally on LGBTQ+ rights.  I supported marriage equality when New Jersey’s legislature was debating it, and served as general counsel to N.J. United For Marriage.  This effort was especially personal to me as someone whose marriage was once illegal, because my wife and I are of different races.
  • On immigration, I worked with my colleagues to pass the first county-level “Fair and Welcoming” policy in New Jersey, and have been an advocate for the rights of Dreamers – children brought to this country who grew up here and are Americans in everything but their papers.
  • Since my earliest days as a lawyer, I have worked to protect voting rights, including as part of the DNC’s legal team challenging the Republican party’s racially-targeted voter suppression tactics.  I train lawyers to protect citizens’ rights to vote without intimidation on Election Day, and speak at churches and community organizations and online so everyone understands their rights and the voting process. I spent Election Day 2020 in Pennsylvania, as part of the Biden-Harris election protection team.

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