A Record of Results – Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Development

I believe that action speaks louder than words.  Want to know what someone stands for?  Look at their record of results.  In my nine years on Passaic County’s governing body, I have demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility, economic development, and standing up for the vulnerable (particularly children with disabilities) and for the American values of inclusion and opportunity.

Fiscal Responsibility & Economic Development

  • Four of the last five years, your Passaic County Commissioners have met the County’s needs without raising taxes. In all but one of my nine years on the Board, we’ve held our county tax levy increase below the state-wide 2% cap. Smart, conservative budgeting has enabled us to achieve this savings for constituents without cuts to county services – and, in fact, saving taxpayer dollars on huge cost drivers, like employee health care.
  • When I was first elected, I spoke to local business owners and realized that our Division of Economic Development department was invisible and underutilized.  So I spearheaded a multi-year effort to bring County staff out to local business associations with training and information. When COVID19 hit Passaic County businesses hard, I worked with State legislators and the Murphy Administration on social media, to show business owners, commercial landlords, and others how to apply for CARES Act assistance.
  • Sometime in 2021, the residential eviction moratorium is likely to end. I’m helping Passaic County get ready for that by partnering with the Judiciary, the Passaic County Bar Association, the County’s Human Services department and the private sector to support landlords and tenants so we can prevent evictions and protect families who rent.
  • My work and advocacy for the County on transportation and infrastructure has enabled us to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to improve roads, bridges, mass transit, and bicycle and pedestrian safety in Passaic County.  Those federal dollars enable us to do more for residents without increasing the county tax burden.

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